Talent Acquisition  Talent Acquisition

Why bother with a talent acquisition strategy and platform?

Getting the right employees to lead, grow, and innovate is the most important part of your business strategy.  They are where you will spend the most money and they will be responsible for the results.


Staffing Status

Talent Acquisition supports your strategies to build your team.



People Assistant is your technology partner to execute your talent acquisition strategy. We provide the tools to capture your plan, identify, evaluate, acquire, and the metrics to measure how your are performing. 


Accessibly hire a talented, diverse, and capable workforce 


Sourcing options, competency based hiring, accessible job board, referral tracking, requisition management, and mobile optimized platform to supercharge effective hiring.



Competencies help you stay on target 


Hiring based on competencies to select candidates that can take your organization to the next level.  Competency based positions used in hiring provide a consistent approach as you work through the employee life cycle of recruitment, training and development, performance assessment, reward and recognition, leadership advancement and succession planning.



Get new employees started right


Targeted onboarding by position, location, department gets your new employees started the right way. Run concurrent administrative workflows to make sure that everyone does their part.  Get your initial training for each position out of the way and documented.  Meet your compliance, form collection, and training needs.


Accessible Job Board

Hire the full spectrum of individuals with an ADA Compliant Job Board


Use the accessible job board to meet requirements for hiring disabled individuals and veterans.  It's the right thing to do.