Talent Management  Talent Management

Why endure the cost of replacing employees when

you can improve the ones you have?

From bringing new employees on board with the right 

process to required and development training, career and

succession planning. 

People Assistant is the competency based backbone

of your Talent Management!


Succession Planning

Talent Management supports your efforts to develop, train and retain your team.



People Assistant provides end to end talent management for the entire

employee lifecycle.  Reduce your costs and improve the performance

of your team.


Accessibly hire a talented, diverse, and capable workforce 


Sourcing options, competency based hiring, accessible job board, referral tracking, mobile optimized platform to supercharge effective hiring.



Competencies help you stay on target 


Talent Management based on competencies to efficiently get results.  Competency based positions help you hire better, assess your employees better, identify individual, departmental, and organizational weaknesses, train and develop, and improve and retain employees that you might replace.



Get new employees started right


Targeted onboarding by position, location, department gets your new employees started the right way. Run concurrent administrative workflows to make sure that everyone does their part.  Get your initial training for each position out of the way and documented.  Meet your compliance, form collection, and training needs.



Train for compliance and to improve performance


Automate required training and initiate development training grounded in competency based assessments.  Use succession planning to drive your training and team selection.



Pay to incentivize and to retain top talent


Identify and reward top performers.  Use nine blocks and analysis tools to identify high potential employees for retention measures and promotions.



Handle terminations consistently and thoroughly to maintain morale and compliance.


Initiate automatic termination processes so that everyone is notified and all proper steps are taken.  Concurrent administrative workflows make sure everyone is treated fairly and all necessary steps are handled properly.