Achieve strategic breakthroughs to drive your organization

  • Complete Strategic Planning tools
  • Alignment - Metric driven
  • Accountability - real time
  • SWOT
  • Strategic plan tactics integrated with Performance Management
  • Strategic plan team reporting
  • Notifications
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Reporting
Strategic Plan
Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Great employees drive superior business results

  • Proactive hiring
  • Competency based
  • Build your candidate pipelines
  • Recruit diverse candidates
  • Accessible platform to hire disabled and visually impaired
  • Candidate recommendations
  • Integrated background checks
  • Pre-built & customizable reports
  • Requisition requests and management
Talent Managment

Talent Managment

Train, develop, and retain employees to perform better and reduce costs

  • Competency based system identifies individual and organizational weaknesses
  • LMS
  • Required training
  • Development training
  • Employee recognition
  • Succession planning
Training Plan

Performance Management

Boost performance through engagement and accountability

Performance Management
  • Incorporate Strategic Plan Tactics
  • Competency based to anchor development plans
  • KPIs
  • Employee Goals
  • Compensation - Pay for Performance
  • Capture coaching notes and files
  • 360s
  • Use your assessment and process
  • Reporting


Set and forget it automated compliance

  • Document audits
  • Auto collection of required documents and credentials
  • Reminders
  • Auto track credential expirations
  • Stay in compliance by position, department, group, or location
  • Pre-built & customizable reports


Usable by visually impaired individuals

  • Open hiring to individuals with disabilities
  • Onsite reader - text-to-speech (tts)
  • Onsite reader - speech-to-text (stt)
  • Keyboard or voice navigation
  • Audit tool for your website and other digital assets
  • Accessible platform to hire disabled and visually impaired and manage HR
  • Accessible electronic signatures
  • Simple speak editor to create voice narratives

HR Processes

Standard or configured to meet any of your unique processes

  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Leave requests and tracking
  • Compensation 9 Blocks
  • Asset Tracking
  • Termination
  • Personnel change forms and routing
HR Processes

Employee Self-Service

Employees manage their information and get their needs met

Employee Self-Service
  • Benefits enrollment and information
  • Life events
  • Personnel files
  • Address changes
  • Leave requests
  • Tax changes
  • Document repository
  • Training plans
  • Whatever you want

HR Documentation

Documents, Libraries, and Archives that enable management and audit of all HR data

  • Personnel files
  • Files tracked by type, date, expiration, employee, author
  • All electronic workflows auto store completed documents
  • Electronic signatures
  • Competency library
  • Job Description Library
  • Job Requisition Templates
  • Credential
  • Any type of document
  • Configurable Quicklinks to provide employees any information or documents
HR documentation