Performance Management  Performance Management

Aren't annual performance assessments out-of-date?  Work with a system that supports daily-weekly-monthly elements of managing performance.  Incorporate strategic plan tactics, KPIs, employee goals, employee recognition, coaching and whatever form or process that works best for your organization. 



Performance Management powers your efforts to support, assess, track, compensate, and make career decisions about your team.



People Assistant Improves performance and career decision making.  Configure whatever forms and processes work best for your people.  Performance data flows into compensation and development training to retain and improve your team.


Assess to improve your team


Sourcing options, competency based hiring, accessible job board, referral tracking, mobile optimized platform to supercharge effective hiring.



Competencies help you stay on target 


Talent Management based on competencies to efficiently get results.  Competency based positions help you hire better, assess your employees better, identify individual, departmental, and organizational weaknesses, train and develop, and improve and retain employees that you might replace.



KPIs prioritize your key metrics for individual and team accountability


Track and evaluate your employees by the key metrics of your organization.  You can create, assign, track, and include the results in your performance assessment process.


Employee Goals

Employee goals keep individual tasks on schedule


There are a variety of goal setting processes that enable employee accountability and evaluation.



Pay to incentivize and to retain top talent


Identify and reward top performers.  Use nine blocks and analysis tools to identify high potential employees for retention measures and promotions.



Strategic Plan integration


Keep your strategic plan on track with plan tactics that flow through into performance assessment and allow ongoing oversight.