Compliance  Compliance

Tracking critical compliance items or credentials on a spreadsheet? Why not have key items auto-audited daily?  Let your system keep you up-to-date on compliance and automatically collect key documents for your employees.


Compliance Graph

Compliance keeps your documents up-to-date and tracks critical items like assets and regulatory requirements. It can make your hiring accessible and diverse.



People Assistant provides peace of mind with auto compliance tools to track, audit, auto-audit, auto-collect documents, and report on your compliance needs.  The tool is accessible to visually impaired individuals to meet your compliance requirements.

Document Compliance

Continually auto-audit and collect documents to stay up-to-date and compliant

Set your documents to be continually audited and generate workflows to collect, approve, review, and notify to make compliance easy.  Simple report identify who is and isn't in compliance.



Accessible Job Board and Tools 


Your job board and HR tools are accessible so that you are doing the right thing and meeting your compliance needs.


Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking supports Compliance, Onboarding, and Termination

Track individual assets, locations, maintain inventory, issue, and recover company property.



Reporting to track your compliance status


Pre-configured and custom reports to keep you up-to-date on all compliance issues.