Strategic, Configurable, Accessible, Comprehensive HR Software

People Assistant drives your strategies and streamlines your HR processes in the most configurable and accessible HR tool. Create strategic breakthroughs and processes that match your needs so your team can focus on results.


Powerful strategic HR Software for organizations

Our complete HR platform connects the entire employee life cycle from Strategic Planning to Termination.



Achieve strategic breakthroughs to drive your organization

  • Complete Strategic Planning tools
  • Alignment - Metric driven
  • Accountability - real time
  • SWOT
  • Strategic plan tactics integrated with Performance Management
  • Strategic plan team reporting
  • Notifications
  • Balanced Scorecard
  • Reporting
Talent Acquisition

Talent Acquisition

Great employees drive superior business results

  • Proactive hiring
  • Competency based
  • Build your candidate pipelines
  • Recruit diverse candidates
  • Accessible platform to hire disabled and visually impaired
  • Candidate recommendations
  • Integrated background checks
  • Pre-built & customizable reports
  • Requisition requests and management
Talent Managment

Talent Managment

Train, develop, and retain employees to perform better and reduce costs

  • Competency based system identifies individual and organizational weaknesses
  • LMS
  • Required training
  • Development training
  • Employee recognition
  • Succession planning
Performance Management

Performance Management

Boost performance through engagement and accountability

  • Incorporate Strategic Plan Tactics
  • Competency based to anchor development plans
  • KPIs
  • Employee Goals
  • Compensation - Pay for Performance
  • Capture coaching notes and files
  • 360s
  • Use your assessment and process
  • Reporting


Set and forget it automated compliance

  • Document audits
  • Auto collection of required documents and credentials
  • Reminders
  • Auto track credential expirations 
  • Stay in compliance by position, department, group, or location
  • Pre-built & customizable reports


Usable by visually impaired individuals 

  • Open hiring to individuals with disabilities
  • Onsite reader - text-to-speech (tts)
  • Onsite reader - speech-to-text (stt)
  • Keyboard or voice navigation
  • Audit tool for your website and other digital assets
  • Accessible platform to hire disabled and visually impaired and manage HR
  • Accessible electronic signatures
  • Simple speak editor to create voice narratives
HR Processes

HR Processes

Standard or configured to meet any of your unique processes

  • Onboarding
  • Payroll
  • Leave requests and tracking
  • Compensation 9 Blocks
  • Asset Tracking
  • Termination
  • Personnel change forms and routing
Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service

Employees manage their information and get their needs met

  • Benefits enrollment and information
  • Life events
  • Personnel files
  • Address changes
  • Leave requests
  • Tax changes
  • Document repository
  • Training plans
  • Whatever you want
HR Documentation

HR Documentation

Documents, Libraries, and Archives that enable management and audit of all HR data

  • Personnel files
  • Files tracked by type, date, expiration, employee, author
  • All electronic workflows auto store completed documents
  • Electronic signatures
  • Competency library
  • Job Description Library
  • Job Requisition Templates
  • Credential
  • Any type of document
  • Configurable Quicklinks to provide employees any information or documents

"We are always looking for qualified candidates for the hundreds of jobs open within the state at any given time and it's important for us to make those opportunities available to all people. People Assistant made it possible to achieve that goal."


Elizabeth Thorson,

Director of Human Resources Division

Why use People Assistant?


  • Work with someone who knows HR, not just the system
  • We're strategy "maniacs" so we can support your efforts to achieve strategic performance breakthroughs
  • Don't sweat the small stuff, we're not here to nickel and dime you
  • Use the most comprehensive and configurable platform out there.  Automate anything!
  • Dedicated support person knows your organization and people
  • Awards!

Winner - Celebrating Innovation in the Workplace

SHRM Innovation Award



Start using People Assistant with ease

Increase strategic performance accountability
Drive efficiency through automation
Become more data-driven
We help you
transition step-by-step
Optimize your processes as you migrate to People Assistant
Integrate your site and systems
applicant tracking system transition

Transition smoothly

We can guide your transition from a prior HRIS or manual system.

  • Custom configuration
  • Data migration
  • Support and training
  • EEO and OFCCP-ready
  • SOC 2 compliant
  • Integrate with existing systems
applicant tracking system choices

First time choosing a Strategic HRIS?

It will help you:


  • Manage the employee life cycle end-to-end
  • Achieve strategic performance breakthroughs
  • Develop your team
  • Save money by automating processes
  • Automatically stay in compliance
We have a plan to fit your stage and budget.